Water Damage Repair – Working Through the Hardship

Other than destruction caused by termites or fire, there’s few other things than can break a homeowner’s spirit like having to do water damage repair. After a leak or a flood, destruction can be found throughout the home, sometimes in places where you’d least expect it. The cost to fix this destruction is often very high. In some ways, it’s even worse than a fire, because there are so many things you must do before you can consider everything fixed and ready to go. The walls, ceiling, and roof can all be considerably hurt by an incident.

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Before you can even begin working on water damage repair, you have to take an inventory of everything affected by the incident, whatever it might have been. Remove any furniture, clothing, and so on that has gotten wet. Assess whether or not it is salvageable and act accordingly. Once everything removable has been inventoried and taken out, you can get down to business. A mop or a shop vacuum will be your best friend when it comes to getting all of the moisture out of the affected room or rooms. Getting what you can see out of the room will be your first priority and-quite frankly-one of the easiest steps in the process.

After you’ve gotten rid of the visible liquid, you can move on to the next stage in water damage repair. Bring in some heavy duty fans and let them do the next step for you. Typical ceiling fans or oscillating fans used in the house will not get the job done. You’ll need to purchase or rent some real industrial fans. Let them run for a few days and get all of that clinging moisture out of the walls and the carpet. If you can get a dehumidifier to run at the same time, it may accelerate the process. Once this is done, contact some carpet cleaners in your area and get some estimates. They can come out and give your carpet a thorough cleaning, making sure any of the bacteria and smells from the flood have been removed.

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